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We wish to introduce ourselves as aquarium hobbyist during the past two decades and now we are Keeping and maintaining a retail outlet in the Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu, South India having collection Of freshwater fishes to satisfy the needs of the customers. We mainly concentrating on the retail trade directly with an ambition to give good quality fishes at the best price. Our primary aim is to educate the fish lovers by providing guidance with regard to keeping of fishes/maintenance of aquarium, feeding habits etc..Initially, we were hobbyist in keeping fishes in the older type beeding tanks two decades ago. After that we have opened a retail shop by collecting fishes from reliable sources. The varieties that we commonly dealt are gold fishes, koi’s, mollies, platies, swords, tetras, corys, rainbows, Discus, angels, cichilds and many more...

Exotic Varieties

  • Butterfly Fish
  • The butterflyfishes are a group of conspicuous tropical marine fish of the family Chaetodontidae; the bannerfish and....
  • kribensis Fish
  • Kribensis refers to a number of West African fish of the genus Pelvicachromis, most commonly Pelvicachromis ....
  • Rainbow Fish
  • The rainbowfish are a family of small, colourful, freshwater fish that are found in northern and eastern Australia, New Guinea....

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