Aquatic Lightings

Aquarium lighting describes any type of artificial lighting that is used to illuminate an aquarium. Some types of aquaria such as reef aquariums and planted aquariums require specialized high intensity lighting to support photosynthetic life within the tank.

Freshwater aquarium lighting is commonly provided by screw-in incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LED lamps. Incandescent lighting is becoming less popular because it uses much more energy and produces more heat than the other lighting types. Compact fluorescent lighting with a compatible screw-in base is frequently used as a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs

Freshwater planted aquariums require more specialized light sources. High intensity compact fluorescent bulbs, high output fluorescent bulbs or metal halide lamps are often used over such aquariums to encourage plant growth. In addition to providing a much strong light source these light sources also offer a better spectrum for plant and algae growth than standard lighting. However this metal halide lighting often uses more electricity and can produce excessive heat.Other newer sources for planted aquariums that use less electricity and produce less heat include the T2, T5, SHO, and LED. The LED aquarium light fixtures generally are the most efficient, although the T2, T5, and in particular the SHO, have their positive planted aquarium applications as well


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